Golden Lion Restaurant

15 Canmotor Avenue, Toronto

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  • crepes with cheese photo crepes with cheese photo

    Crepes with Sweet Cottage Cheese (2)

    Baked Crepes, filled with Cottage Cheese,  served with Raspberry Syrup and Sour Cream

  • can of pop can of pop

    Can of Pop

  • living lettuce salad photo living lettuce salad photo

    Living Lettuce Salad

  • borsch picture borsch picture

    Traditional Borsch

  • potato pancakes photo potato pancakes photo

    Potato Pancakes (3)

  • seafood combo photo seafood combo photo

    Seafood Combo

    Fried Calamari, Fried Butterfly Shrimps, Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls served with lemon wedges and seafood sauce.

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